Parking and Terminal

Parking Information


0 - 60 minutes


1:01 - 4 hours


4:01 - 8 hours


Daily rate after 8 hours



*All prices include 10% Benner Township Tax

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The University Park Airport has two parking lots. (View map below)

The main parking lot is on your left as you enter from Fox Hill Rd. There are two entrances; one on your left as you enter and another one on your left after you pass the Terminal building.

The second parking lot is for Credit Card ONLY and is on your right as you enter from Fox Hill Rd.

Both Parking lots are for short-term and long-term parking.

Parking & Transportation

Car rentals are inside the terminal building by the baggage claim.

Visit our Car Rentals, Taxis & Shuttles page for local public transportation. 

Important to Know

Due to heightened security, vehicles may not be left unattended in the loading, unloading zones in front of the terminal building at any time and for any length of time. 

Vehicles left unattended could be ticketed ($50.00) and are subject to be towed. All vehicles left in the secure parking area are subject to search.

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Terminal Information

Our public terminal is open 24/7. Airline carrier counters and TSA become available at 4:30 AM. Irving's Cafe opens at 5:00 AM.

Drop off/Pick up

There are two entrances to the passenger terminal at the University Park Airport at State College. Look for the convenient signs indicating both arrivals and departures as you approach the terminal.

With four one-way lanes directly in front of the airport terminal, please use the two right lanes for dropping off and picking up passengers and luggage. Curb side check-in is not available. Vehicles cannot be left unoccupied at any time.