We have two lots for both long and short term parking. The main lot located in front of the terminal is accessed by one of two gates both on your left as you would drive around the semi-circle driveway. The first gate is just past our sign at the entrance; with the second located on the far side of the lot about 100 feet before you would exit the airport. Our second lot, which is a credit card only lot, the first 30 minutes are also free. This lot entrance is located on your right just as you enter the airport.

Due to heightened security, vehicles may not be left unattended in the loading, unloading zones in front of the terminal building at any time and for any length of time. Vehicles left unattended could be ticketed ($50.00) and are subject to be towed. All vehicles left in the secure parking
area are subject to search.

The first 30 minutes in our lots are free, please take advantage of this for your quick in and out trips to avoid the $50.00 ticket.

"Park Easy"

Parking Comparison

University Park Airport $54 a week
Harrisburg International Airport Long-term Lot = $59.50 a week
Pittsburgh International Airport Extended Lot = $8 a day, 1 week= $56
Philadelphia International Airport Economy Lot = $11 a day, 1 week= $77

Parking can be paid by cash at the booth in the left-hand lane, or via an automated credit card machine in the right-hand lane as you exit. The rates include a 10% parking tax from Benner Township.

Time Fee
0 - 30 minutes * Free *
31 - 60 minutes $1.00
Each additional hour $1.00
Daily Maximum $9.00
5 Days $45.00
Weekly Maximum 6 or 7 Days $54.00

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